Premiering Fall 2024 — Explore the evolving landscape of cannabis across America. Discover stories of innovation, struggle, and culture

An upcoming series that explores legalization in the U.S.

through personal stories, expert insights, and on-the-ground reporting. Tailored to each state specifically for a diverse audience, from curious consumers to industry advocates, this series will offer a dynamic look at the complexities of cannabis laws and their impact across America. It will be an essential guide for anyone looking to understand the evolving landscape of cannabis legalization.

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The series will be aired worldwide and customized for each state to maximize your brand's visibility from international stages to local state markets. This strategy enables your brand to connect with audiences across a diverse array of platforms, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and smart TVs from LG, Sony, and Panasonic. This ensures effective brand development, whether you're aiming for wide-reaching exposure or focused market penetration.

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Join us in shaping the narrative of the cannabis industry. The "United States of Cannabis" offers more than just advertising; it's a partnership aimed at fostering awareness and education while promoting your brand as a leader in the vibrant cannabis market. Secure your sponsorship and be seen as an innovator in this rapidly growing industry.

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Strategic Exposure

Reach a discerning audience globally, positioned at the intersection of cannabis interest and regulatory landscapes.

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Enhanced Credibility

Position your brand as a thought leader in the cannabis industry through association with a pioneering platform

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Engaging Content

Align with high-quality, informative content that commands attention and retains viewer interest.

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Diverse Reach

Access viewers across a variety of devices and platforms, maximizing your brand's visibility and impact.

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